Sunday, October 19, 2008

We enjoyed a beautiful Fall day yesterday and spent every second of Eli's naps outside gardening. They finished our sprinkler system, so we were able to work on all the stuff we've been waiting to do. We pulled out the ground cover in the backyard by the goldfish pond and planted grass, and transplanted the ground cover to the front. Since Eli will probably be walking next Spring or Summer we wanted to have one area he could play in since our yard is full of flowers. Luckily, at the end of our street is the Art Museum, which has HUGE grassy fields all around it for playing on! Then, of course we have the school playground a couple blocks away and the park. They tore up the front flowers pretty bad, so I'm going to have to fill in some areas there, as well.

Eli's tooth hasn't come in any more. It's just staying with the tip sticking out...poor little guy. He isn't crying about it, but does have moments where I can tell it's uncomfortable. He sucks on his lower lip and feels it with his tongue a lot and is constantly sucking on fingers/thumb and toys. Eli loves to give kisses, and he's discovered that the baby in the mirror likes giving/getting kisses too. It's adorable! Whether he's sitting, standing, or on his stomach he gets to our giant mirror and gently tenderly kisses himself in the mirror. His face is so precious. When he kisses us he kind of attacks our faces, but not the baby. He just gently kisses his reflection. He still loves to play ball and rolls it back to us. Brandon started this new thing where he makes a little sled out of the baby bath tub and pulls Eli around on it. He loves it! Here's some pictures of the new activity. I started Eli on Turkey yesterday. He loved it! Now that he's 8 months, I thought I'd introduce him to some meat. He loved the pumpkin I gave him the other day. I tried the teething biscuits and he always just takes a couple knaws and throws it to the dog ;-) Rica stands by the high chair waiting patiently every time he's in it.


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