Monday, October 27, 2008

Snack time!

Most days in the afternoon I give Eli a little snack. It's mainly just for fun and to practice feeding himself. Sometimes I give him fruit, a teething biscuit, or the Gerber Puffs (these are sweet potato and melt in their mouths after a little gumming). It usually amounts of Eli trying to feed himself, but after getting the piece in his fist he ends up getting frustrated and throws it to the dog. I usually end up just putting one in his mouth. Today I finally saw the first glimpses of his "pincer grasp" developing. I've never appreciated being able to "pinch or pick up" objects with my thumb and finger until watching a baby without it. Until they develop it they just rake things into their fists with their fingers. Today Eli just finally figured it out! He fed himself 5 puffs by pinching them with his two fingers and putting them in his mouth (who knows how many were thrown to the dog). Yeah! He was very proud of himself and kept shouting in joy :-)

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