Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We celebrated a lovely Halloween yesterday with my family. We dressed Eli up in his lion costume and Brandon went as an "Enginerd", and I dressed up as Ugly Betty (my favorite TV show). Brandon actually wore his nerd costume to work and fit right in ;-) No one could take him seriously all day because every time they tried to talk to him they would just start laughing. We are having some gorgeous weather, which made for a beautiful Halloween. We all went and ate at the fall fest at the church on our old street where all my Corman relatives go. Eli enjoyed all the people and costumes. Afterwards, we put Eli to bed and handed out candy. We never got to do this growing up because we lived out in the country, so it's a real treat for me. My brother was excited to do it too! We all sat out on the porch and Will held the candy bowl with his creepy mask on. A lot of kids were scared to take candy because they were afraid he was going to jump at them! So much fun! Eli cut his second bottom tooth yesterday, as well. Just one of the tiny bumps is out, so we're still in for it until the entire tooth is through. The runny nose was definitely from teething after all! While showing off for my parents, Eli discovered he can RUN while holding our fingers. He was sure to make sure everyone was watching and then would just take off! I can hardly keep up with him. We installed a large baby gate that has the small inner gate to walk through in the kitchen, so he won't fall off of the step. Later we'll put a small one on the stairs. Can't believe he's almost walking!

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