Monday, October 13, 2008

Family and Rock'n'Roll

We had a wonderful weekend up in Minneapolis. Eli was extremely happy to see my sister, who he hasn't seen since August, and just soaked up all the attention of having both grandmas there, an uncle and a grandpa! My mom cooked amazing meals and desserts. She totally spoiled us rotten. It was wonderful! I was really worried on Friday because my throat was sore. Last time I got sick I lost my voice. I was worried about our concert on Saturday, but miracle of miracles I woke up Saturday without it! Saturday was God Stock in Salina. It started at 3 and went until 10:00 with six bands. The weather was gorgeous and Eli was SO good, considering we were there for like 5 hours!!! The show went really well and afterwards we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for supper. Elijah really liked playing on the play equipment in the mall. He thought he was a big boy! Eli showed off a lot for everyone, and said "da da" a lot. I've been working on "mama", and finally the past couple days I at least heard a "ma". Eli enjoyed playing with all of our old baby toys that my mom had saved. We used my old walker as a high chair, and it worked perfectly.

We came home right as the rain and cold started. Today the high is sure feels cold! I'm not looking forward to having to bundle Eli up wherever we go. Yesterday the gate got left open and Rica got out. I didn't realize it for about 20 minutes. I panicked, bundled Eli and myself up, jumped in the car, and headed off in the rain to look for her. After about 10 minutes, I saw what looked like a wet rat running down the sidewalk a couple streets over. She was happy to see me because I had brought a piece of cheese to catch her ;-) I'm just so glad she didn't get hit by a car. My cousin Angela came over to see Eli and stayed and watched a movie. It's really hard to keep Eli busy enough to stay in one room for that long, but we still got to see the majority of the movie. I can finally get back to sleep training since Eli is over his cold. I keep having to wait until he's well to work on it. Last night I tried giving him a little cereal before bed to see if he would sleep better. He did sleep 4 hours before waking up. I know it's sad when I think that's good! When he was 3 months old he slept through the night for about a month, but since then it's been horrible. He goes to sleep on his own at night without rocking/nursing etc., so that's not the problem. He just wakes up a lot but won't go back to sleep. Pray for us :-) We're just trying to recover from traveling and stay warm!

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