Monday, June 28, 2010


Eli still reverts back to hitting every once in a while when he's mad (which he gets a time out for). It's not very often anymore, which has been a nice relief. Yesterday, he got mad at Brandon and hit him. Brandon, of course, told him that was his warning and not to hit again. Eli said, "Please?" as in "Please can I hit?" It was one of those moments where both Brandon and I had to turn our backs so he couldn't see us smiling and biting our lips trying not to laugh. Nice manners son, but still NO! He's very good about saying "please" when he wants something. He'll say what he wants and almost always slaps a "please" at the end. At least I've succeeded at something! It's been really fun to watch the kids adore each other. Cora watches Eli nonstop and is a great sport about him touching her all day and practically smothering her with love. She'll turn her head to follow his voice and find him and smile and coo at him. Eli wants to play hide and seek with her a lot and always tells her "DONE!" if she's sleeping and he wants her awake so he can bother her. My mom was right when she said that having two kids is easier than one because they entertain each other!

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Sarah Marie said...

Hi emily, sarah L. here. you're little ones are simply adorable. What kind of sling do you have?