Monday, June 21, 2010

Farm fun!

I have too many awesome pictures to post of our great weekend at the farm. It was SUPER difficult to do on my own without Brandon's help, but he had an awesome time down in Odessa with his Dad and other relatives for his uncle's funeral. I'm so glad he was able to go, but really missed him! Eli had a blast with his cousins and grandparents. He did come down with a cold the day we got there so had some pretty miserable cranky moments, but we survived. The kids definitely had the time of their lives! The kids got to ride horses, ride the 4-wheeler, camp in a tent, go swimming, play basketball, ride in the combine, play in my mom's secret fort she made in her lilacs, eat special treats, etc. It was a wild and fun time! It was a real learning experience for my mom. I think we know now what to expect and can adjust accordingly. My dad started harvesting while we were there. Nothing like starting one of the most stressful times of the year with all 7 of your grandchildren home :-). He was a great sport! Eli loved seeing the combine running, the cows, cats, etc. He also loved swinging in the swing my dad built for us as kids. It was a great time, but we are all exhausted. I seriously lost 5 lbs :-) The best diet around! I'm really looking forward to 4th of July and another wild weekend! Cora was her usual sweet happy self. What a relief to have such an easy baby. She is just a little rolly bundle of joy! Praise God for family!

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