Sunday, June 6, 2010

Marion Lake

We met my mom and some friends at Marion Lake (an hour away) this weekend.

It was so refreshing for me after this tough week! Eli is a little fish. It was super wavy and choppy so we stuck a life jacket on him and he swam and swam. He'll already pretty much do everything he would learn in swimming lessons. He'll lay on his back and kick, put his head under, jump from the side etc. He definitely doesn't have a fear of water. Cora and I chilled in the shade while they played. Eli enjoyed building sand castles and lady bug homes with Nana. A family friend Nancy Stork helped my mom watch both kids while Brandon and I went bike riding on a beautiful trail there. We enjoyed the butterflies and just spending a few minutes kid free!

We just got back from a wonderful time at church. Eli ran to his class he was so excited! In the car I asked him if he'd learned about Jesus and he said, "Yes". Then, I asked him what he learned about Jesus and he said, "Snacks and ball". We got a good laugh!

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