Friday, July 2, 2010

Mingo Fishtrap

Not much blogging going on around here because we've been in survival mode. Cora hasn't been sleeping well from having congestion, so we're running on minimal sleep. She finally slept a 5 hour stretch last night, so I feel a lot better today. Yesterday, I was running on 4 total hours! UG! She also has been pretty fussy, which means I have to hold her a lot more and now have tendonitis in my wrist. That's what happens when you have a chunky baby :-) I'm looking forward to her being over this cold already! I took her back to the doctor yesterday just to make sure it hadn't progressed any, and it hadn't. She just still has congestion and that's it. Better safe than sorry since we're going out of town for the weekend. We're having our huge Corman bash on the 4th at my parent's farm, but this year to celebrate and welcome Becca's kids into the family. Last night we got our first date night out in a few months. We took Cora with us, but I'm still counting it! My brother babysat Eli and said he was perfect. We met up our friends at a free Mingo Fishtrap concert outside. They are a funk/r&b band that we love. It was fun to be with friends and just spend a beautiful and cool evening outside. We ate at Jason's Deli before the show. It got a little loud for the babies, so us women got our slings on and took the babies for a walk. There were thousands of people there watching the show and we had to walk through all of them. You would have thought nobody had ever seen a baby in a sling. We were quite the spectacle. People gawked and oohed and commented constantly. It was slightly hilarious! I'm curious to see if Eli likes the fireworks this year. Last year he didn't have a whole lot of interest in them, but this year will be a whole different story!

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