Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer fun

Our week is going SO much better than last week, what a relief! The hitting has barely occurred so far. How enjoyable! Today I took Cora to the Dermatologist. She thinks she has a fungal infection on her head that has caused that spot of hair to fall out. We are putting a cream on it twice daily and going back in a month. Right now I'm just praying that it doesn't spread, goes away quickly (can take a long time to go away), and that her hair will grow back (there are kids who permanetly lose their hair in the area of infection). Luckily the spot is on the side of her head so the upper hair would cover it if that was the case. It takes 5 weeks to culture it and actually know for sure that's what it is, but definitely worth taking action in case. Eli has been enjoying sliding into the baby pool the past few days. Summer fun!

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