Thursday, June 17, 2010

Farm living is the life for me!

Brandon is headed to his uncle's funeral this weekend in Odessa, mandolin in tow, to sing and be with his family. His dad was able to get the same flights from Dallas to Odessa, so they should be able to spend some great time together. It's not very often he gets to be with his dad on Father's Day! Eli, Cora, and I are headed to the farm! We haven't been in a long time since I was unable to travel at the end of my pregnancy. I'm so thrilled to get to introduce Eli to his cousins and see my beautiful and handsome nieces and nephew! I've really missed them! Eli is determined that he is going to be sleeping with the cows :-) My dad may even be harvesting wheat while we're there, so the kids are in for an experience. I'm hoping to survive the two hour car trip with the kids and wrangling without Brandon's help! I'm really looking forward to being with ALL my family! This will be the first time we're all in the same house since Becca and Joel got the kids! It's going to be wild and crazy fun! Another piece of good news is that Cora's head is pretty much completely better. Her hair is even growing back in nicely (dark too...yippy)! Brandon took Monday off, so we can still celebrate Father's Day with him as well!

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