Sunday, January 31, 2010


This morning we had a "pooptastrophe" Brandon and I were super excited that Eli had slept in until almost seven, which is a miracle in this household of early risers. Brandon was getting ready to leave for worship practice when I went in and discovered a very happy Eli covered in poop, all bedding covered in poop, one of his stuffed animals covered in poop, and poop caked on his fingers. I first stripped him and attempted to clean him up a bit, but decided after like twenty wipes it was pointless and had him run butt naked to the shower. Brandon watched him in the shower while I dealt with the disgusting mess. Luckily, I had just bought some Oxiclean which came in handy. It was kind of amusing once the disaster area was cleaned up and Brandon was rushing off to practice. Eli and I still made it to church and had a great time. This must be the week for poop disasters. At the women's brunch I went to at church yesterday, my friend Tanya was telling me about her horrible morning Friday when Seth took his diaper off and rubbed poop all over himself, and then she came in to find him rubbing his poopy butt all over the carpet. Hmmm....the boys must be scheming behind our backs. I really enjoyed the fellowship with friends and other women at church yesterday while Brandon and Eli had a father son morning running errands and playing. My parents gave me a pot roast last time we were there, so I cooked that up with some vegetables and we had my brother over for dinner. Eli had fun playing with Uncle Will. I'm looking forward to the start of "birthday month" as I'm now calling February. Lots and lots of birthday parties to look forward to!

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Like mother like son