Sunday, January 10, 2010


Eli had a lot of fun having Ethan and Lillie Racchini here last night to play with. He did a lot better than expected sharing his toys etc. The other night in the shower he wanted the razor, so I took the blade off and gave it to him and he started pretending to shave his face just like Dad! So cute! Today, as I was making lunch I heard giggling and turned around to see that Eli had stolen my piece of pizza off of the kitchen table and was running around proud as can be munching and laughing. It was hilarious! He was so excited that he'd stolen my pizza. I was able to catch a couple of photos of the proud thief! We decided last night with all the band members to work things up acoustically and work on writing new music every week at our house for the next couple of months. We plan on adding a new drummer after the baby's born and playing every once in a while. Should be good!

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