Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The farm was a perfect get away for our weekend. Eli had a ton of fun soaking in all the attention from his grandparents and his new surroundings, and I was off my feet more than I've been all year. My foot is feeling a million times better. It doesn't really even hurt when I walk, praise God! The two hour car ride up to my parents is a breeze for us now. The older Eli gets the easier it gets in the car. Now we're going to throw a baby into the mix :-) My mom had a going away dinner for our friend Saturday night, so my brother came up for the feast. Eli enjoyed playing b-ball outside for once and spent some time petting the cats and swinging in the swing my dad made for us when we were babies. He also suckered my parents into playing hide and seek and monster with him a lot. We came home a night early Sunday night because we could tell Eli was getting sick again. This is not a joke! Glad we did because that night the little seal, I mean boy, started the barking cough. Luckily he only had that croupy cough for one night and now just has a runny nose and cough.

We were able to squeeze in trying out a double stroller I've been eying. It's the Sit and Stand Plus. It allows for a baby carseat or regular seat in the front and a regular seat or a little seat in the back for the toddler. The toddler can either sit or stand while riding. I figured since Eli's getting to the age where a lot of kids like to walk, he would like being able to stand while riding. I was right! I pushed him around in the store letting him stand and he kept saying MORE! We'll definitely be getting that stroller whenever I can find it on sale! I can't live without our walks, so I want to make sure I can get outside with both kids easily.

I brought home a bag of my baby clothes to sort through and wash. There's a few things that are still in good enough shape to put Cora in (especially for some comparison pictures) and the rest I'll let her use as doll clothes. It was fun to look through and see outfits I recognized from pictures etc. Girl clothes are fun! All the stores finally have their Spring and Summer baby clothes out, so I've been drooling looking at all the cute dresses!

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