Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guitars rock!

What a blast we had this weekend! Wedding dress shopping with my cousins and aunt was a blast. We may have been at David's Bridal for 3 hours, but there was a lot of laughter keeping us going. Ellen found a beautiful wedding dress and all the accessories and we eyed bridesmaid dresses. Considering both Megan and I are 6 months pregnant, I don't think trying dresses on was an option :-) We're going to go back this summer after the babies are born to get a better idea. We hit up Red Robin afterward for burgers and fries. I needed "girl" time SO BADLY! YAY! Then, last night we went to our friend Josh's birthday party. We all surprised him! It was so much fun. Eli's friends were all there, so he had a great time playing with the kids. For not being in daycare/preschool I'm pretty happy with the way he gets along with kids. I was always a little worried about that. He shares very well (of course he has his little moments) and really enjoys the other kids.

We spent Friday and Saturday outside! Oh it felt wonderful. The high was pretty close to sixty with the gorgeous sun shining. Eli and I played ball, sand box, chalk, did some yard work, and took walks. Even just those two days were so refreshing to me. I think I can survive Winter after all! As I look at the forecast and see snow, highs in the 20's again, etc. I'm just going to remember these two days and what Spring will bring!

Since we haven't been able to go church in like 2 months from sickness, I was scared for how Eli was going to handle being back in the nursery. Of course he threw a crying fit when I dropped him off, but I waited outside the door for a couple minutes and could hear he had calmed down and was fine. When we picked him up he was munching on a snack and so excited to show us his art project, which happened to be a picture of the prophet Elijah being fed by the ravens (a bible story that he loves). I was laughing so hard when we got to the lobby because he kept yelling "bread" and pointing to his picture. I realized they had glued a tiny cracker in the raven's claw. In a flash, he had ripped off the cracker and it was devoured. Oops...a little glue won't kill him right? He also had some pink marker on his face. I would love to know whether he marked on his face or another kid did. So fun to get to go to church again! Praise God!

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