Friday, January 22, 2010

Potty pictures ;-)

I may or my not have had a freak out this week over being imprisoned and lonely from sickness for two months :-) Eli just has a cold now, so I can take him places but not around other kids. I miss my friends and church so much! I'm just holding out hope for spring and health. Brandon's been thinking up evening activities we can do to escape. When the weather's been decent Brandon takes Eli outside while I cook dinner, which has been nice. We ran to Target the other night and I was thrilled to get Eli's birthday party supplies. I can't wait for his guitar themed birthday! I think I have pretty much everything for it now. Invitations were sent out the beginning of the week, so all is good. Yesterday, we went and ate lunch with Brandon. Eli sure loves Cessna and visiting his Dad. We also went on an outing to Barnes and Noble and read Eli some books. Eli wanted me to take some pictures of him snuggling his Wolf stuffed animal and sitting on the big potty and his little potty. So cute! What a boy! I'm 25 weeks along now and getting BIG. I would say the baby is considered "viable" meaning they would try to save her if she was born. I got a bag of girl clothes from Brandon's boss. It is wonderful to start getting clothes and sorting through them. She told me she has many more for me! Can't wait! So grateful! I'm really looking forward to a break tomorrow when I got wedding dress/bridesmaid dress shopping with my cousin Ellen tomorrow. I'm going to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next New Year's Eve. Cora will be 8 months by then and Eli almost 3....crazy!

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Lacy said...

Good grief! Cora has grown! By not seeing you it makes the change dramatic!
Here's to warmer, sunny days!