Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's the Buzz???

We had a wonderful date night last night! For my birthday my mom got us tickets to see the touring Broadway show Jesus Christ Superstar. It was a treat to get out and we all loved the show (mom came too). Jesus was played by the original actor from the movie, which came out in the 70's, so we were curious to see if he was still able to even sing :-) ha ha. It actually was great! My dad and brother babysat. They were so proud of themselves because Eli had a great time and went to bed easily. It's always wonderful having family babysit. Eli has been in grandparent heaven. He asked about both of them the second he woke up this morning and forced them to play with him every second they've been here :-) Eli loves wearing "Bum's" watch! We met Brandon for lunch and they left to go home. Eli gave out kisses, hugs, and plenty of "I love ya's" as they left.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Eli enjoyed listening to Cora's heartbeat (which was 137). I'm measuring exactly 26 weeks, which is great. I found out I'll have my glucose test done in two weeks and they'll also do an antibody screen at the same time to check on those. So far so good! I'm entering my 3rd trimester next week and am still working on getting everything ready. Brandon is doing our taxes this weekend, so I'm hoping for a nice chunk of money back to cover our roof fixing expenses and my c-section! Brandon's boss gave me another bag of baby clothes. It felt like Christmas morning again! These were all 0-3 month clothes. All I need are some newborn clothes and a few other things to be ready!

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