Sunday, July 12, 2009


I'm wondering if watching Eli's new dancing will ever get old? I'm going to mourn the second he moves on to a new style! We don't have TV, but once in a while we'll pull up an Elmo music video for Eli to watch and dance to. For a kid who never has seen Elmo on TV he's always LOVED him. In the stores, he would always be drawn to Elmo. It's funny how a weird little monster with an annoying voice could be so appealing. It is SO hot around here. Our walks in the morning at 6:30/7 a.m. are already sticky. I will totally regret even complaining this Winter when there's snow and ice on the ground and we're REALLY stuck inside. We went to the farmer's market downtown yesterday. It was definitely a lot different from the West side (less produce/Mennonites...more hippy). They did have something that I've wanted for a year now...rain barrels. I made Brandon go sneakily examine them, so he can make me one for my birthday. I really would like one to use to water the veggie garden next summer, but we'll see! We use a sprinkler system for the grass and flowers, thank God! We put Eli's little pool out last night so he could have some fun outdoor time in the heat. Brandon and I enjoyed cooling our feet off while he played. I was laughing because Eli wanted a tomato for a snack (is this normal people?). He literally ate an entire tomato like an apple saying "MMMM" "MMMM" the whole time. I think he may have eaten the little sticker on it...crap. One second I was trying to peel it off, the next it was gone. Eli eats tomatos like a savage beast, so I can't be blamed ha ha. Brandon was almost gagging as the juice ran down Eli's chin because Brandon doesn't like tomatoes. I'm not a big fan myself unless cooked in stuff. I'm so proud of my boy! Tonight we're playing a show at Rock Island Live with two other bands at 5. We have the month of August off as a band because two of our guys are getting married. A few of us are doing a radio interview, but that's about it. I'm excited for a little break before things get crazy again in September.

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Lacy said...

I snagged a printout from the Water Center, "Make Your Own Rain Barrel."
They have great ideas about how to get most of the supplies for free too. I'll try to get it to you at church soon.