Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have been working on getting everything back in order around here! Eli came down with a cold surprise! Of course two days later I have a sore throat. He loves sharing everything, including snot :-) I about had a freak out today because I'm so sick of food throwing. He does fine at other people's houses, but at ours he throws food like crazy. I've tried everything and NOTHING works. I just cleaned and mopped the dining room this morning and at lunch today he threw his entire plate of soupy pot roast and veggies onto the entire floor. I'm going to just start giving him one warning and if he throws again he's done. It's getting ridiculous! My brother is staying with us right now, in exchange for babysitting, while he looks for an apartment. He has found a couple options so far. He's working full time with my cousin Sam. It has been fun having him around! I enjoy having three men praising my cooking each night :-)

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