Monday, July 20, 2009

Fire fun!

We had a wonderful trip down to Tulsa yesterday! I asked Brandon if we would sit back in the back and entertain Eli for the first two hours to give me a break. It went great! We stopped in the middle and let Eli run around and play, so it really helped break up the trip! Brandon drove the last hour and we had a great time! Eli was so excited to see Bec and Joel. He's been hilarious. He even came up with a new laugh while he's been here. He loves their house and has been playing nonstop. He's slept great and napped great. We're good! Last night we went to a Japanese Steak House to eat. I am pleased to say that we finally found a restaurant stimulating enough for Eli! He was enthralled with the fire. He would say HOT HOT HOT when he saw the steam rising on the grill and MORE MORE MORE when they would do a fire trick. Brandon took him around to more tables to watch the fire when they were doing those parts. It was fun! Why does Eli's favorite restaurant have to be the most expensive? :-) Of course he loved the food as well: noodles, rice,and veggies. This morning we took all the dogs and Eli on a walk around my sister's neighborhood. Then, we took Eli to the park. I have to say, I have never seen nicer playground equipment. Eli LOVED it! It is definitely the best playground I have ever been to! We're getting ready to take Eli to the aquarium. He's never going to want to leave his Aunt "Bepa" and uncle "Joel" (can't even describe the sound he makes for Joel). He's been giving them lots of hugs and kisses and immedietly asked for them when he woke up this morning. We've been dealing with some teething (he shows me when they are hurting), but he's been acting wonderfully while here. I was worried teething might ruin our vacation, but it hasn't been an issue. We're having a fabulous vacation!

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