Thursday, July 9, 2009


Eli had already eaten all they chunky vegetables out of his soup and he was trying to figure out how to eat the's what followed....

I've always been a stickler when it comes to Eli and nutrition. It's the one area I can truly let my control freakiness go crazy. I never gave him formula or non-organic baby food etc. I probably will be more relaxed with the next kid because I definitely am more relaxed now with Eli. Before I wouldn't have let anyone even give him a bite of anything with sugar or other bad for you crap (cake, ice cream, etc.) Now, I ate least will allow Brandon to feed him ONE bite of his dessert or other little goodies on a very special occasion. Luckily, Eli has embraced healthy eating from the get go. He is a fruit and veggie hound. For breakfast he usually eats: whole wheat oatmeal (no sugar or other sweetner, crazy I know), or a non-sugar cereal such as cornflakes or cheerios in whole milk, or whole wheat pancakes with peanut butter, or a bran muffin, or eggs. With that he will have some type of fresh fruit and whole milk to drink. For a snack he'll usually have some type of fresh fruit again, whole wheat crackers, string cheese, or a fruit and grain bar, yogurt....etc. Lunch usually consists of leftovers from the night before, soup, or a turkey and cheese sandwich, etc. With that he always has at least one type of vegetable or two types and a bread of some sort. Supper is our biggest meal with a homemade something or other and more veggies. He eats a LOT at every meal/snack, but it is usually healthy to the best of my ability. I try to avoid fried or lots of sugar. I'm always baffled when people tell me all their kids will eat is Cocoa puffs, macaroni, chicken nuggets etc. The question I'm always asking on the inside is...WHO THE HECK GAVE THEM THOSE TO BEGIN WITH? I'm sure once Eli goes to other people's houses he'll end up eating the "tasty" stuff and probably will want that, but you never know. I'm all about the occasional treat but trying to live as healthy as possible! I know I might not have much time left before he could turn into a majorly picky eater like I was. Let's hope not!

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Lacy said...

i'll always treasure the day when 2 year old Judah threw a fit in the store because I had to put one bunch of broccoli back. "MY BROCKY!!!"
He's a great eater, but you're right once the sweet-ness of high fructose corn syrup has passed their lips, it's a battle..."at aunt Kari's house they have marshmallows in the cereal," or, "Grandpa let me have french fries AND ice cream"
I just try to keep him loaded up with the good stuff while were at home and hope he continues to choose good things when I'm not there.
He does order his own meals at restaurants and still asks for broc instead of fries, that makes me proud.
Keep it up!