Friday, July 17, 2009

Described perfectly....

I just got done cutting broccoli out of our garden for lunch! Sweet! We had a wonderful time with our friends the other night and enjoyed seeing Brandon's old roomate William again. He moved in with Brandon when he was a senior in high school and lived with him until we got married. It's great to see him doing so well! This week of furlough has been wonderful. We've just been spending a lot of family time together doing fun activities with Eli. Walking, swimming, park, playground, shopping etc. It's been great! I was reading in this book I have called Stree Free Potty Training. It gives you tips based on your child's personality. I think I mentioned before that I think Eli would fit under the Impulsive category. The categories are: Goal-directed child, Sensory-Oriented child, the Internalizer, Impulsive child, and Strong Willed child. Here is one of the descriptions of an impulsive child that literally fits Eli so perfectly it's scary. This is just the first page of the desciption and I literally was saying AMEN after every sentence. This is my child people:

Impulsive children are relatively easy to spot. They are the ones who are into everything, jump from one ambitious activity to another, find ways to turn anything into a toy or a game, and never seem to tire. You may just as easily spot the parents of an Impulsive Child-they're usually sweaty from nonstop running, unable to hold a conversation with another adult for too long because they can't take their eyes off their kid, and their homes are baby-proofed to the hilt.

Impulsive children are energetic and active. They constantly seek out new ways to stimulate themselves, which is why they are frequently described as easily distractible. They seldom or NEVER sit still. Part of this is attributable to a certain dexterity-often early walkers, these kids are agile, nimble, and always looking for the next fun, exciting activity. They master physical skills quickly, don't like to be bored, and relentlessly challenge themselves. Bodily risk-takers, they're the ones who climb all over the furniture. These are the kids for whom safetly latches were invented.

They always want to do things bigger and better than before. Impulsive Children place great importance on, and take great pride in being the FASTEST and the first. Naturally, they tend to get caught up in activities. They also enjoy rough and tumble play, and frequently are the children who take this too far and without intending to end up hurting a playmate.

They are easily excitable and anticipate everything as a great adventure. They may have QUICK negative reactions that lead into tantrum behavior. But being typically happy children, they recover quickly from being upset and are usually adaptable. They easily interact with familiar and unfamiliar people or situations. For the Impulsive Child, every day is a new day and he lives for the moment.

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