Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eli discovered my cousin's husband Lazelle's shaved head and thought it was hilarious to run and feel it and then run off embarrassed. We were cracking up! This is Eli's new form of dancing. It sort of looks like a hula dancer! Eli was SO affectionate this past weekend with all of my family. He kept giving hugs, snuggles, and kisses. It was so cute to see him with his aunt Becca and Uncle Joel loving on them. He really misses family when we go and wanted to call aunt Becca today. Eli's in his crib going to bed as I type this and I can hear him saying "Bama (Obama) Mama". He has always loved saying "Bama", I guess just from hearing us say that name so much this election year. When walking he always gets excited and points and yells "BAMA!" to an Obama sign that someone still has up on our street (I myself was baffled by this because I never once had told him that's what it said but later Brandon told me he ONE time said that it said Obama). On our drive to Minneapolis Eli said "Bama" and Brandon said "Obama Mama" and he thought it was SO funny. Now Eli says it and laughs. My little cousin Grace is turning 3 next month and is sweet as can be, but once in a while the toddler would come out and she would say something hilarious. Once my aunt said "No mam!" and Grace said, "You don't tell me no mam...I'm going to tell dad to give you a spanking". We were dying biting our lips. She left the room and we heard the whole living room of men explode in laughter. She really had gone to him and told him to give my aunt a spanking. I really look forward to these moments with Eli! Eli and I went to Cessna to lunch with Brandon. He just has a few more days then two weeks of furlough. Every person we went by Eli just said "Bye bye"; he was ready for a nap. Luckily Cessna sits on the airport runways, so as we ate lunch Eli got to watch all the airplanes land and take off. He loved it and kept saying "MORE!".

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There's a great close up of Emily's finger in this video.
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