Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Elmo chair!

We had a fun dinner at my aunt Cate's house welcoming my cousin/friend Ellen back to Wichita. She worked at a camp for inner city kids outside of Denver the past couple of months. Eli was precious with his cousin Luke. He touched his hair and laid down on his stomach in front of Luke and kept trying to share toys with him. I had to keep him from rolling on him/stepping on him etc. It was fun to hang with family. I'm amazed at the strength of my cousin Megan (who had brain surgery a year 1/2 ago). I can't even begin to comprehend parenting with only the use of one arm. Yet, she has it figured out and manages Luke well! I'm excited for her because her surgeon in Arizona is paying for her to go to a special week retreat for young adults her age living with life threatening conditions (she still has 2 tumors in her brain). Although I'm sure it will be hard to leave Luke, I'm praying for an amazing time for her. She deserves it! Eli was all over the place as usual trying to steal fruit off people's plates. You'd think the kid was starving! Before my mom and I went for a walk, Eli was checking out her odometer...I thought it was so cute. Mom thought I should seriously have him wear one to see how many steps he takes in a day considering he NEVER slows down. My mom bought Eli an Elmo chair. He LOVES it! The first night we had it he had to go kiss it goodnight and the next morning he went straight out of his crib and ran to go find it. Brandon and I have been doing trip prep all day. We cleaned the car out and he checked everything to make sure we're good to go Monday. Tonight we're having friends over for dinner, so it should be fun! Last night we made avocado mushroom burgers. Brandon garnished his with one of his ridiculously spicy peppers. I should have bought more avocados because Eli ate an ENTIRE one while I was cooking. He loves his veggies!

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