Friday, March 27, 2009

Why my husband ROCKS!

Tuesday afternoon I started feeling dizzy and exhausted. By the time Brandon came home I was laying on the floor with a pillow letting Eli wrestle thinking this was a fun game. Needless to say I just had severe exhaustion. Eli just doesn't sleep at night when he's teething. It's been two weeks since I've actually slept more than a two hour stretch. Wednesday I woke up with a horrible headache and was still exhausted. Brandon was awesome and offered to stay home so I could nap and rest and actually feel human again. It was a great day and I felt a lot better by the end of it. Yesterday Brandon babysat so I could go out with my friend and shop a little with some gift cards I still have from my birthday. We had a great time, and Brandon had fun with Eli. He took him to the mall play place. I laughed because Brandon made a total "woman" comment. He said that some lady asked how old Eli was, and when he said a year, she remarked at how small he is etc. The kicker is that Eli was playing with her daughter who was a year older and only like an inch taller. I laughed because that is so something that I would have mentioned to Brandon. Also, Brandon mentioned what a chick magnet having a baby was. He said he was practically fighting the women off ;-) ;-) Our family dog Clara died yesterday at 13. She has had cancer, so it wasn't unexpected, but we will all miss her smile and hugs. When my friend Courtney was over yesterday Eli was a total flirt. He did anything and everything to show off. He would fake laugh every time she laughed and was running from one end of the house to the other to show how fast he was. It was so hilarious. Even Brandon was surprised. We've never seen him turn on the charm as much as he did last night. I think he has a new girlfriend!

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