Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome back Spring...don't ever leave again!

Eli and I have had a wonderful day so far! After being stuck inside for days, Spring decided to show its face again so we were able to take a wonderful walk and play outside. Over a foot of snow and ice is pretty much gone already from the glorious sun. Maybe I'll actually come back from California after all :-) Eli loves playing with the big ball seeds off our sycamore tree. They are a wonderful natural toy. He'll play with them for hours outside or throw them around on the porch. We were playing in our driveway and he discovered the melting snow running out of the gutter. I was waiting and waiting for him to notice it because I knew he would be thrilled...and he was! He was overjoyed to play in the water and kept trying to lay down in it. He loved picking up the wet leaves and splashing in it. Finally he did kneel in it before I could stop him, so we had to head back inside muddy and I had to strip him at the door. Great fun! I'm afraid to see what toll this storm has taken on our plants, flowers, and trees. It caught everything by surprise. Brandon and I were spreading seed like crazy out for the birds during the storm and after. We have several pairs of nesting birds in or around our yard and house (one of our favorites a pair of doves we call Cello and Viola). Considering we couldn't even spot a single bird when we moved in, we are so happy! We have a couple feeders and feed the squirrels corn cobs, which actually does keep them out of the feeders for the most part. I just gave Rica a bath, and Eli was laughing his head off at Rica looking like a drowned rat. They really are buddies. It's pretty sweet. My cousin is going to stop by daily and take care of Rica while we're gone. Rica will be glad to get some attention for once ;-)

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