Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snowed in!

We had a huge storm this weekend that dumped several inches of ice pellets and up to a foot of snow on top of that! We have been trapped inside since Friday. None of us slept on Friday night with ice pellets pounding the windows all night. Eli enjoyed watching all the action. Luckily, after the snow ended yesterday afternoon everything started melting. I'm hoping it will all melt soon. The roads are a mess. We took advantage of being stuck inside and played, cooked some delicious meals, cleaned house, and finished packing for our trip this Wednesday. We're sad because Eli has come down with a cold. I should of figured it was too good to be true that we were all healthy. We'll just make the best of it! Eli's favorite color is blue. He loves to say "blue" and is learning how to distinguish it from others. He's accurate most of the time. We're excited to get out of this winter wonderland and head to the beach!!

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