Sunday, March 22, 2009

Eli is completely spot free. The rash went away in a couple days, and he didn't have any issues with it. He is getting his 6th tooth, so he's been up a lot at night and has his whiny moments during the day, but we're getting through it. When he's teething he has a lot of "toddler moments". Hitting is the main issue. He understands "no" and usually cries if we say "no hitting" or "we don't hit". He definitely is testing his limits more. Sometimes I do kind ignoring (one of the awesome techniques I read about). It's basically denying him attention for half a minute or so just like a mini time out. He hates it. It's literally like 20 second of not paying attention to him and just turning my back or whatnot, but he totally understands. We went and took Elijah's one year pictures yesterday and even got family picture taken. He hated it, but as soon as we started saying "boy" he smiled enough to get a couple good pictures. Brandon got a guitar amp that he's been really needing (he keeps having to borrow one from a friend). It's like his dream toy. All the guys were drooling over it last night. We had our band over for a pizza dinner and to work on a live acoustic version of our song Africa. Eli got to play with his friends Ethan and Lillie. It was cute to see them all play. The only issue I had to deal with was Eli trying to play with Lillie and Ethan's hair. He loves playing with my hair, and hasn't quite gotten the concept that he can't just play with any hair he wants to :-)

P.S.-TOMORROW THE CD'S ARE SHIPPED TO OUR HOUSE!!!! The UPS guy is my new best friend!

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