Monday, March 30, 2009

Eli dancing!

This is Eli's dance studio. It's our upstairs room that we're going to re-do this summer to be Eli's room in the future but for now it just has boxes for storage. He loves to go up there and see the gorilla mural and dance to some music from my keyboard. He actually has a new style of dancing now that is a little different from this video that I need to catch on film. Now he kind of does the "sprinkler" with one arm going from side to side and my brother's personal favorite when he wiggles his hips from side to side. We love to ask him to "swim" when he's in the bath tub. He starts kicking his legs really fast. You can tell he thinks he's an amazing swimmer. I'm curious to see if he will like the ocean or be scared of it!

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