Friday, March 13, 2009


This has been a Twilight week for me. I read the whole series this week during Eli's naps and after he went to bed. It was fun, and I was sad when I got to the last page of the last book! My favorite books were definitely the first and the last. We've been trapped inside this week (except for short runs out to the mailbox or to water the garden) with the cold weather back. It is snowing today...yuck! Poor Eli wants to be outside so bad. Eli can now point to his hair, tongue, and nose when asked. He likes to hit his head if you say "bonk", and sometimes he will think he's bumped his head and start patting it to get some sympathy. Brandon taught him to say "tee tee" last night. I've never heard him make a "t" sound before, so what the heck! It was pretty funny. If he screams and I say "shhh" he will do it back at me. He's doing a lot better with wanting to drink his whole milk out of a cup, so we're really working on distracting him from nursing. It's really hard and slow going. Believe it or not, he just decided to start clapping this week and finds it very amusing. I gave him blueberries mixed with pears for the first time yesterday and he loved them. I need to cut him up some fresh ones soon. My throat is a little red today, and I'm annoyed to death. If I get sick then Eli will definitely get sick. Just shoot me. At least we'd hopefully all be better by our vacation. I'm looking forward to a weekend where we finally have no obligations. Yay for weekends!

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