Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just call Eli spot. His rash came back on Sunday and is almost gone today. I called the doctor of course, and now they don't think it's Baby Measles and definitely not the vaccinations. It's either a virus, or a food allergy. I made sure to stop giving him anything with blueberries because that is the only new thing I've introduced before the rash. Since it's almost gone again today I am not worried, but it is frustrating to not know what it is. I waited all day yesterday for the CDs. Guess what time they arrived....8:00 P.M.! After Brandon and I put Eli to bed, we literally waiting on the porch we were so excited. Everything arrived okay and they look great to us! We won't be selling them until our CD release party, but it is a huge relief to have them here. We are just finishing setting up all the digital distribution and other details of the concert.

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