Friday, February 6, 2009

Sticks are for throwing....not eating!

Well we had a wonderful day yesterday taking walks, playing in front and back yard etc. Eli even walked half the way down the block on his own with me trailing. He learned a valuable lesson: Sticks are for throwing, not eating! :-) He brought home a little stick as a treasure. He threw it down the sidewalk the whole walk home. We even went to the park last night and he had a blast running around, watching geese fly by, swinging, and playing in a "fort" he discovered under some playground equipment. Unfortunately, last night he started waking up an hour after I put him down with congestion. I wanted to scream NO NO NO!!! He has a runny nose today. He was up every hour last night (even with the steamer on) crying because he was congested. Usually the first night he gets a cold is bad until he gets used to breathing out of his mouth instead. Luckily we have a week for recovery before my birthday trip up to Minneapolis. Ugh!

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Louise said...

These photos are adorable