Thursday, February 26, 2009


On Eli's birthday, I introduced him to organic whole milk in a sippy cup. I was nervous at first because he acted like he didn't want it (which is really unusual for him because he loves all foods/drinks and will try anything), but then I realized I'd made the mistake in calling it "milk". He's used to hearing the word "milk" in association with nursing, so he didn't take to kindly to me saying that and then handing him a cup. After I realized this was the issue, I just said "drink" or "sippy" and he would drink it down. Whoooo...that's me breathing a sigh of relief. Step one of weaning complete. I about had a nervous breakdown at the thought of him refusing whole milk. Of course the second I start weaning he decides it's time to start telling me when he wants to nurse by running over to the glider in his room and pointing at it and yelling "AH! AH" (which is what he says when he wants something or wants to show us something). The past couple of days I've tried to only nurse at meals and his two naps. After this weekend, I'm going to try to cut one feeding a week, but of course I'll slow it down if Eli has issues. Worst case scenerio...the glider may have to disappear. Eli loves airplanes. He's definitely his father's child (considering I hate airplanes because I always feel sick on them, even with Dramamine). He'll hear an airplane when we're walking or playing outside and he'll immedietely point to the sky looking for it and watch it until he can no longer see it. I guess Brandon pointed them out to him a couple times and now he just loves them. Brandon said he tried to say airplane yesterday. These pictures were taken today when we were playing outside. We pet our neigbors dog Chumbo (who is a friendly black lab) and played with sticks and the "tickle grass" as we call it. That big smile above occurred when Eli poked Chumbo's nose through the fence. The other picture is of Eli pointing to an airplane. He could hear it but couldn't see it!

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