Monday, February 9, 2009


I have officially caught Eli's cold. So far it hasn't been too bad...I'm in the stuffy head stage. Now I have two noses to wipe :-) Another glorious day today. We took a lovely walk and Brandon later took Eli to play at the playground to give me a break. Last night we were laughing so hard. While we were putting Eli's pajamas on he got really mad and all he could think to say to vent his frustration was yell really loud, "BABY DADA" at us. It was so funny! It seriously sounded like he was cussing at us. We put up his little basketball goal that Will gave him for Christmas, and he's enjoyed learning the game. He loves us to make baskets and likes us to pick him up to dunk it. He loves anything that involves a ball. Crap...that probably means he's going to like sports. Darn the luck!

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