Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Eli is officially 1 year old! When we heard him awake this morning we crept into his room and greeted him singing Happy Birthday. He loved it. He started signing "more" and then stood up to enjoy a second round. We had a birthday breakfast of scrambled eggs and will hopefully take him to the park or Exploration Place to play tonight. I just called his doctor to ask her about his cold. He had a nasty cold for the past 2 weeks, but finally last Friday it seemed it was a lot better and going away. Then, this weekend he started coughing again in the night. He doesn't have a runny nose and acts perfectly fine during they day but is up coughing like three times in the night. I was glad I called because she said the nasty colds/RSV that has been going around like crazy has been lasting for a month in kids. I'm just glad Eli's pretty much over it, plus he's most likely no longer contagious. Poor kids! A month is a long time to be sick.

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Louise said...

Thanks so much....I feel like we were there! We're looking forward to Saturday!