Friday, February 13, 2009

Sick Week

I am lagging behind on posts because we've been having a sick week around here! I've never wished for a sick day more in my life. Eli just still has a really runny nose and a cough at night. I feel better now, but have been sick all week and this is the third day that I've lost my voice. I always have this nagging thought (as a singer) that it will never come back. We came to Minneapolis after work yesterday. I actually drove for once because I wouldn't be much use for entertainment without being able to talk, read, or sing Eli in the back. Brandon did his best to keep him entertained for the two hour drive, and it wasn't too bad. I dumped Brandon off in Minneapolis to meet my dad to watch my cousin John Corman wrestle (and pin his opponent). Brandon was thrilled to get his wrestling fix (must be a redneck thing). Eli was so excited to be at the farm and see his grandparents. He just enjoyed exploring and discovering our old toys. I've been having issues getting him to eat while he's been sick this week but still put together a plate or rice and chicken from my mom's jambalaya for him last night. He just dove right in then and later took a handful of chicken and threw it on my mom. Eli had no problem going to sleep last night, even though it's a new place, but was up with coughing fits. At one point he threw up on me and Brandon while he was putting Eli in the steamy bathroom. Poor kid. He's fine today though. We're getting ready to head off for a birthday/Valentine's Day lunch at a nice restaurant in Salina while my parents babysit. I'm making Brandon dress up. He has to every day for work, so it loses its luster. My brother is coming up today to celebrate with us this weekend, so I'm looking forward to seeing him. I taught Eli a new sign this week. He already does a sign for more, which has been really helpul, but I wanted to teach him a way to ask for help instead of just crying or getting frustrated when his ball/toy would get stuck or go under the couch etc. The real sign is patting your chest, but he started patting his stomach so we've stuck with that. It already has eased his frustration. I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day early in case I'm too busy tomorrow opening presents and eating chocolate eclairs and flan...ha ha!

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