Wednesday, January 7, 2009 Luke etc.

Yesterday, my mom and brother came down to spend the night, and give their support to my Mitchell relatives who's grandpa just passed away. My dad came down today for the funeral. Eli loves his family! My mom kept saying "Elijah James Judson" and Eli would always look really fast and laugh. He thought it was hilarious. I hardly ever use his full name or call him "Elijah", so it always took him by surprise. My mom commented that he's laughing/smiling/expressive more now that he is walking around on his own. He changes a lot in just a couple weeks. He kept running to show off for my dad. This first year has been amazing as far as development goes. What a miracle! It was neat because my mom was here to see him stand up on his own for the first time (without holding on to anything). He discovered today how to stand up from a sitting position and stand up from crawling/stomach position. He brings his legs up so his butt is up in the air with his palms flat on the floor and slowly leans back and up until he's upright. The look on his face is priceless. He's SO proud of himself. My life is basically over. My days of getting things done with him crawling around playing with toys are GONE! The second I would put him on his stomach to crawl he would pop right back up and take off running. I'm curious to see if he'll ever crawl again. I did manage to keep him sitting for a while today because he's teething. His upper right tooth is coming through, so he enjoyed gnawing on anything and everything today.

I got a glimpse of what life might be like if we had another baby (don't worry NOT anytime soon). My cousin Megan and her husband brought their baby Luke over. Eli was OBSESSED with him. He was sleeping in his car seat and Eli just wouldn't leave him alone. He would run to the car seat and I would pull him away to keep him from touching/waking Luke up, and Eli would cry/whine every time I took him away. It was so adorable. I've never seen Eli with a newborn. All of our friend's kids are older (although one of our friends is about to have another baby) and I'm curious to see if Eli is just as in love with him as he was Luke. Even when people were holding Luke, Eli was just enamored. It was precious. Brandon is at the WSU basketball game with the student section. It's probably the only place where Brandon would be considered an "old fart" :-)

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