Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eli and Luke

My sister is here to interview for an internship in Wichita, so Eli has loved having his Aunt Becca here and his Uncle Will (who came to babysit so we could go to lunch)! Eli has just started having separation anxiety. It's frustrating because he's never had it before, and all of a sudden it's just showing up. I know it's a phase that most babies go through in the toddler transition, but I just hope it doesn't last long. I'm going to try a bunch of little tricks to try and help it, but mostly it will be waiting it out. He just has a hard time handling separation from Brandon or at least I can still go out as long as Brandon is home. Brandon celebrated his 8th year anniversary at Cessna this week. I'm so proud of him. It has been a wonderful job and he loves working there. In the news, it came out today that Cessna is going to lay off 1000 more people this spring. A little nerve wracking, although Brandon has always wanted to work at Subway :-) We got our final CD back from mastering! It sounds great! We're totally thrilled with the quality and how it all turned out in the end. Just have to finish the artwork and it should be done in the next couple months.

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