Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's play FARM!

The tip of Eli's top tooth has finally came through, so he slept better last night. I'm not looking forward to the other top tooth, but I'm sure it's lurking waiting to torture us all. We had fun yesterday playing "monster" where I crawl around chasing him and he laughs and laughs and tries to run. He's able to understand so much, so playing is more and more fun. We like to play "farm" with his Little People Fisher Price farm set. Yes...finally imaginative play! That's my cup of tea....barbies, dolls, doll house, house, tea party, dress up etc. Okay, with a boy, playing farm is probably as close as I'm going to get. Please give me a break from playing with balls, airplanes, and running around like a wild man. At least I can give the animals and people voices :-) It's interesting to me because Eli really does seem to get it. He really likes playing farm and opening and shutting the gates, doors, and silo. He's learning to share as well :-) He likes to hold out whatever toy he's been chewing on for me to "taste" it. Adorable. Of course we encourage "sharing" as much as possible. I especially find it amusing when he's playing with his dump truck and he wants to give me a taste of the fake pile of dirt. Yummy! He's discovered how to take his arms out of his shirt. It cracks us up!

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