Thursday, January 22, 2009


Eli's new past time is squatting...ha ha. He has decided it is fun to see how low he can squat before he starts to lose his balance. He also likes to hold onto something and squat to look underneath it or just to view it from a different angle. It just looks so cute with his little butt sticking out. I'm going to have to try and catch him in the act with the camera. I noticed a few times when he got mad he squatted down whining/crying. I think that might be his version of a tantrum. It's so funny. The last couple of days he rediscovered crawling. He hasn't crawled even once since he learned how to stand up on his own. He definitely won't crawl on the main floor, but in the basement he's crawled a couple times playing with toys. Yippee no head injuries :-) He loves to go upstairs and see the weird gorilla mural that's on the wall in the room that will someday be his room. Right now it's just storage, but he sure loves that weird gorilla. Crap. I was hoping to paint over it. Now he's in love. We're probably stuck with it.

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