Friday, January 23, 2009

Last night we went with our bible study to do some service projects at the church. The women sanitized toys in the nursery and the men mopped and cleaned windows. Of course we had all the kids with us in the nursery. We would clean a toy and they would get it dirty again....big surprise. Eli actually had fun for about an hour even though it was past his bedtime. He ran around with the kids playing with toys. At one point, he was trying to get to me and pushed his friend Ethan down. Just a nice jab to the chest. Ethan is such a sweet kid and used to his older sibling, so it didn't even phase him. If the same had happened to Eli he would have been screaming his head off. They have completely opposite personalities, that is for sure. If there is something in Eli's way he "moves" it. It definitely could become an issue, and he might need some work...or some manners ;-) Eli and I enjoyed the beautiful weather this week. Unfortunately, it has gone cold again today. We took Rica for walks every day and enjoyed the fresh air. Tomorrow our band is playing at Borders Bookstore/Cafe on the west side of Wichita at 21st and Maize at 7:00. Should be fun!

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