Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Photo dump!

We are home recovering from a wonderful week in Texas! Eli did come down with something the last couple of days and had a fever, but we'd already done all our fun so we rested and all was well. Funny mother-in-law and I were driving to look at the proofs of Eli's portrait she had done (which turned out awesome I might add) and I started feeling extremely sick. She had to pull over and there I was puking my brains out during rush hour on the busiest street in Plano. Those people had an interesting sight on their way to work! Brandon's mom babysat the last night we were there so we could go see the 2nd series in the Twilight Saga (the books I'm in love with). We had a great date, wonderful movie, and Brandon was able to feel the baby kicking like crazy for the first time. What a wonderful feeling. I feel so much more connected once the movement begins. I can't wait for Eli to be able to feel it! Eli was fabulous for our drive home and now we're just resting and recovering! This morning we bought and put up our Christmas tree. Eli was a joy putting up ornaments! I gave him all the unbreakable ones to put at the bottom.

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