Friday, December 11, 2009

Cora Eleanor Judson!!!

I had to write that at the top so maybe it will sink in a little more! I've been so focused on being sick and not sleeping this week (because of terrible night coughing) that I haven't really got to sit down and appreciate the fact that we're having a GIRL!!! Oh my GOD! I still had a terrible night last night coughing nonstop (even with a vaporizer, cough syrup, and cough drops), but am feeling a million times better during the days so I'm getting optimistic! My parents got over a foot of snow on Tuesday (we only had black ice and less than an inch of ice pellets and snow) so my mom got stuck here after the sonogram. It was a God thing! I needed her help SO much. It just happened that Brandon had to cover a shift at work where he wasn't getting home until Eli's bedtime, so she was my savior. I couldn't have dealt with the sickness and no help in the evenings without her. I guess it's true that you always need your mother!! Will came over every evening while my mom was here, played with Eli, and taught him how to do T-ball. Eli loved it and is really good at hitting the ball pretty far.

I'm looking forward to starting on baby projects now that I know I have a little girl kicking and wiggling inside of me! I'm celebrating Friday by having Brandon pick up my favorite food, Chicken Fajita Roll-Ups from Applebees (the truth is I have no groceries from being too sick to leave the house). This weekend also starts another week of furlough, which I'm calling BABY furlough. AKA: I get to work on baby projects while Brandon wrangles Eli ;-)

I had to put a picture of Eli taking part in the "family hug". If he sees Brandon and I hugging or kissing he has to join in! It's so cute! I did manage to do one thing during this sick week....and that was to go use my $10 JcPenney coupon to buy the pinkest, frilliest, girliest outift I could find for Cora. Eli helped me pick it out and kept saying "PINK!" Get used to it son!

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