Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

All the fam is headed here today to re-do our family Christmas that was missing Bec and Joel last week because of weather. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and know that Eli will be thrilled. We worked on some projects this week (Brandon only had to work on Tuesday). The furloughs have come to an end and probably will not be back next year. Thus, he will save all of his vacation until Cora is born. We put together Eli's big boy bed (twin bed) and picked up a side rail to keep him from falling out onto the hard wood floor. As soon as Eli and I are over our colds (doctor said he really just does have a 3rd virus) we'll start him sleeping in it and move the crib to our room. It should be interesting! He loves the bed and we've been reading books on it etc. getting him used to it. My brother helped us set up our fish tank that he got us for Christmas. Tomorrow we can get some fish to go in it. I think we're going to get pink and green glowfish for Eli's sake. I think he'll love them! Yesterday, we got over an inch of snow that had pretty much melted by the afternoon, but we still saw kids going down the hill by our house so we took Eli out to try. Even though it was half grass everyone was still going really fast. Eli loved it! Brandon has been dying to take him sledding, so it was perfect. Eli kept yelling "MORE!" at the bottom of the hill. It's so wonderful to get to experience the joy of these new things through Eli's eyes!

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