Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas festivities!

Although, Bec and Joel were unable to make it up here because of TERRIBLE weather both here and there we had a wonderful Christmas. We had a big winter storm with blizzard conditions, but we were still able to go to Christmas Eve service at our church and celebrate! We're all headed up to the farm next week for about 4 days to make up for it and open our presents to each other. Eli had the time of his life. He put a cookie out for Santa and ran out in the morning to see if Santa had come. Santa, in fact had brought him a kitchen, a full stocking of goodies, and left him a candy cane in place of the cookie :-) My parents got him the kitchen and we got him food to play with. He's been having a blast playing with it! I think he's fed us all tons of food and especially cups of "coffee". He also got: bathtub markers, paints, and a little goal and balls, big brother books, a puzzle, clothes, doctor's kit, and foam swords (which Brandon enjoyed just as much as Eli ;-)). My brother got him a "big boy" basketball and train set. Eli literally jumped up and down so excited for the "real" basketball! I'll post the video later! We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas feast yesterday and last night headed over to my cousin's house for a Christmas snack party! It was great to be with all the family. My cousin Megan was there with Luke, so we were able to take a picture with both of us pregos! She's about 2 weeks ahead of me, so it will be great fun having the cousins the same age. One of Eli's new hiding places is behind the couch pillows. He thinks it's great fun! What a cutie! We're so thankful for the birth of our Savior and for all the blessings he's bestowed upon us! We're very thankful for our wonderful family and life!

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