Monday, December 14, 2009


I am on cloud nine finally feeling well and enjoying furlough life :-) Saturday, I was able to sort through all of Eli's clothes and pull out gender neutral stuff for Cora. It was bittersweet going through those adorable clothes not knowing whether we'll have another boy someday to wear them. I then was able to officially put all of Eli's clothes in storage containers and put them away for good. I have his future room completely cleared out (except for Cora's stuff, which I won't bring down until the last minute). It's a great feeling to be getting so much done! Saturday night we went to a Christmas party at the Glennen's house. Eli had a lot of fun with the kids and snacking on goodies. Glennen's twin girls were dragging Eli around making him play with their kitchen/play food. It was hilarious. He loved it! They also put on the kid's favorite Christmas song and all of them danced around. Eli was jumping up and down and yelling "MORE!" Christina (who was my nurse and Eli's nurse at his birth) was holding Eli and he wouldn't come back to me! He loved her and kept wanting her to hold him and pay attention to him. Brandon and I were cracking up. We've never seen him act this way towards anyone. Maybe someone has a crush? I thoroughly enjoyed finally seeing my friends again and getting to go to church! Eli and I haven't been in over a month because of traveling and sickness. Today, I was showing Eli a nativity ornament off of the tree and he pointed at the baby and said, "Jesus! Jesus!" It was so cute! I hope he'll keep saying it. Perfect time of year!

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