Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh, the yellow rose of Texas!

We are having a fabulous time in Texas with Brandon's family. We had the trip from Hell driving down (and it had nothing to do with Eli). It involved 7 traffic jams the worst being 45 min completely stopped and 1 1/2 hours going less than 10 mph. I almost went insane, but Eli was an angel. What a relief! Just picture pregnant me about to pee my pants and throw up from motion sickness from the starting and stopping of the traffic jams. It was not a pretty picture. Luckily, the suffering was well worth it! Eli is loving being with all the family. Every morning when he's woken up he's wanted to see "Mimi" (Brandon's grandma) and "Emma" (the dog). So cute! It has been such a blessing watching him and my nephew Gavin (4 years old) play together. They have had a BLAST playing together for the past few days. They are sharing really well and taking turns well. What little characters. We got family pictures done yesterday and a special fancy portrait taken of Eli today (Brandon's mom had one of Gavin done that is beautiful). Eli did really well considering he hates sitting still. We got some great family pictures and a really precious picture of Eli. We'll see the proofs of the portrait Tuesday morning before we head home. I can't wait! I was really wanting to get one last family picture before we are a family of four! Very bittersweet. We've done a lot of fun things with the boys. We took them to the park (of course the weather is incredible here), the mall play place, and today to Wiggletown indoor play area (with blow up slides etc.). They've had so much fun it makes me sad we don't live closer because it's obvious they could be best buds. It does make me even more excited for child #2 because I can see how much fun they'll have when this baby is a little older. Gavin keeps copying every sound and word Eli says. Eli thinks it's hilarious. He also is bossing Eli around and trying to get him to play all these different games. So adorable. Gavin has said so many funny things to Eli it's just been cracking me up. Tonight Gavin said, "Eli's pooping! Come on Eli....1...2..3..,PUSH!" That's just the tip of the iceberg. I took so many photos and videos my camera is full already. A highlight so far was Brandon's brother Paul bringing over his giant pot bellied pig Dudley. I just can't get enough of that pig. He's just hilarious. Looking forward to posting hundreds of pictures when we get back of all the fun we've had!

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