Sunday, December 20, 2009

Everyone is one the mend around here! I'm at least encouraged that by Christmas we should all be well, finally. We may have a white Christmas as there is a snow storm coming in this week. It missed us last time, though, so I'm not convinced. I hope it doesn't affect all my family coming! I got Eli out a bottle for him to pretend feed his stuffed animals. He went around making sure this morning that all of them were fed...then he moved on to my stomach sticking the bottle against it making sure Cora was fed ;-) It was so cute! The one picture of him spreading his arms and leg is him doing "yoga". If you ask him to do yoga he gets in that position. It's hilarious. We've also been working a lot on putting words together this weekend. If he wants something he'll say "Mama please!" or "Dada please!". He's so proud of himself he'll jump up and down smiling for remembering to use his manners. About five times yesterday I got him to say "Mama, ball please!" One step closer to using full sentences!

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