Friday, September 9, 2011

Swimming fun!

Eli did great in swimming lessons this summer, and we wanted him to continue getting better at swimming, so we renewed our Cessna gym membership. For the past few months we have taken the kids swimming once a week. They love it! Cessna's pool has fountains, a mushroom fountain, a water side, a basketball hoop, and is zero entry; meaning our kids can play in the shallows as much as they want. Brandon is usually able to slip in a few laps for exercise while we're there, as well. Both kids are really improving. Cora will jump from the side of the pool to Brandon, put her face under water, and kick her legs in the deep end. Eli swims on his own with his little arm floaties and will put his face under to retrieve water toys we bring. I am contemplating doing Eli's birthday party there next Winter!

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