Monday, September 5, 2011


This summer has been SO dry and hot. We haven't had a good rain in months and all the trees, bushes, flowers, and grasses around town are dead and brown unless they have been watered daily. Some of my flowers have withstood the heat wonderfully, others haven't, even with daily watering. It has been disheartening to be walking and see piles of dead leaves on the ground so early in summer. We have had the hottest summer that has ever been recorded (because my kids get up so early we were still able to be outside every day)! Needless to say, when it started to rain the other day, everyone in Wichita took to the streets to play in the puddles and enjoy the beautiful cold front it brought with it! Eli kept saying, "Thank you Jesus for the rain!"
We were able to move Carrot to his outside hutch that Brandon and Eli rebuilt and have plans to be outside ALL week long!

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