Monday, September 12, 2011

State Fair

We celebrated my niece Precious' birthday on Saturday, then headed off to play a show. We had a great show this weekend at the Kansas State Fair. Eli was excited ALL day long because he remembered what a great time he had last year with my mom. During our show, my Dad and "Uncle" Kurt took the kids through the animal barns. Eli was so happy to get to see the sheep and other animals. Both kids loved petting everything. It is so nice to have family near to help us when we need it! They are the best! Afterwards, we let Eli do the big giant slide a few times before heading home. He was so upset to have to leave the fair. He literally cried for a long time because he had to go. He actually loves the fair that much! We will definitely have to take him to our county fair next year. Our band's next show is October 1st. I am really looking forward to playing at our church and creating a fun coffee shop type of night for everyone!

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